Concerned About our Content?

We value you and your kids. That is why we want to give you the tools you need to make educated decisions about what content you view and interact with. Not all of our projects are appropriate for children. The rating for each of our projects is located underneath the featured image on that project’s page. For projects with multiple episodes, each episode may have its own rating and content declaration. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Lake Avalon Entertainment’s Content Rating System

Made for Kids

Projects with this rating were created children in mind. The content may be educational or purely entertaining, but it will not contain realistic violence, human nudity, sexual content, swearing or drug abuse.

Appropriate For All Ages

Projects with this rating may have been created with an adult audience in mind, but contain minimal mature content (swearing, violence, etc). No nudity or graphic violence are contained in these projects. We believe these projects are family friendly, but you may disagree. Parents should always preview content before allowing their children to partake in it.

Intended for Adults

Projects with this rating were created for an adult audience. Parents are cautioned to watch/listen to these projects completely before allowing children to view them. While pornography will not be published through Lake Avalon Entertainment, these projects may contain strong adult concepts, realistic violence, sexuality, nudity, swearing, substance abuse, and disturbing imagery.


Projects containing realistic depictions of violence will display this disclosure. This includes scenes of war, murder, rape, fist fights, gun fights, and other use of weapons. However, this disclosure might not be used if the violence is simply implied rather than depicted.

Mature Language

Any project with this disclosure contains language that may be objectionable to some visitors. There may be swearing, sexual language, or references to drugs or drug abuse.

Substance Abuse

Projects with this disclosure depict substance abuse. Contents may include characters using illegal drugs or abusing legal drugs (prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, alcoholism, etc), depictions of drug paraphernalia, drug dealing, and other drug references.


If any human appears nude in a project, this disclosure will be displayed. The nudity does not have to be sexual in nature to receive this disclosure. Nudity includes uncovered female breasts, male or female sex organs, and butts.

Sexual Content

Projects that include graphic content more sexual than kissing on the lips will display this disclosure. This includes sex acts depicted by characters of any sexual orientation. Projects that simply imply a sex act rather than depicting it might not have this disclosure.

Uncomfortable Imagery

If a project uses imagery that might be too scary for children, this disclosure will be used. These images may be depictions of monsters, diseases, death, or nightmarish images.