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Nightshade Double Shock one Synopsis:


The Stranger at the Checkout

Lisa and Gene have been married for over a decade, and they have built a life together in that time. They have two children, a car and a home—all the standard facets of the perfect marriage. But all of this is just an illusion, for beneath their pretty façade rumbles the discontent that many divorced families know as the epicenter of what destroyed them. For Lisa and Gene, it’s a lot of little things. And now, they are about to have a chance encounter that will put the love they once had for one another to the test—unlike anything they had ever faced before. They have gone to the grocery store as a family to restock their already well depleted household food and supplies; it’s an obligatory errand that each of them dread. You see, they are also struggling financially. They are at the checkout, and both of them are feeling a burdensome weight that neither know how to sustain or to share with the other. A stranger is about to walk into their lives. Is he friend or foe? Listen to find out in this episode of Nightshade!

Dream Cruise

Dale should be a happy man, entering his golden years with all of the rewards that a lifetime of hard work and dedication typically provides. Not only that, but he still has his wife, his high school sweetheart, right there beside him. But things aren’t good for Dale. He had developed a problem that he has kept to himself over the last several years. Gambling was something that he thought would pay out so that he and his wife would have no worries as he neared retirement. But it didn’t. And now, all he has left is his home and his prized 1959 Chevy Impala and, of course, his Brenda. But how could he tell her? He decides to take one last cruise in his Impala—one that will take him far away from his troubles. It is there, in the darkness of his garage, that an old friend pops in for a surprise visit—a friend he has not seen for decades. Will this friend be able to talk some sense into Dale before it’s too late? Listen to episode 5 of Nightshade: Double Shock-, to find out!

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Double Shock: The Stranger at the Checkout and Dream Cruise


Cast & Crew:

Written by:
Kurt C Krause

Artwork by:
Heidi Lynn

Edited by:
Kacee Krause



The Stranger at the Checkout

Kacee Krause

Heidi Lynn

Connor Krause

Dream Cruise

Jeff Priskorn

Kacee Krause

Windy Renee





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Back to the 50s 60 Sec Mix

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Soul in the Machine

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Restful Full 03

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