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Fireflies on the Frozen Pond:

Falcon’s best friend was his grandfather, and they did everything together. Even more so, Falcon’s grandfather, the Great Lt. Robert Haley, was his foundation and his personal hero. And there were two very significant things they had in common: going fishing and playing hockey out on the pond behind their large estate in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Falcon’s grandfather had a couple near death experiences in his life, one of which Falcon himself witnessed. And they both saw something during his last heart attack, something they kept a secret. They shared a few other secrets too. It had to do with orbs and phantoms and otherworldly things. As Falcon grew older, he and his family moved away from the house in which he grew up. And he found himself becoming more and more disillusioned and angry with the world, his Grandfather and the many things he once cherished and believed in–all of which he feels let him down. And after Falcon himself has a near death experience, he decides to go back to the old place. It is there, back at his old romping grounds, that Falcon feels he can put things straight again. Does the old place harbor the secrets that dwell beyond the mortal barrier of death? Is there such a thing as a second chance, and does the old Lieutenant mean to provide that very thing to his family? Will Falcon, by confronting the demons that have haunted him since he was a boy, finally be able to live–truly live? Listen to episode 4 of Nightshade: Fireflies on the Frozen Pond, to find out!

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Nightshade Episode 4: Fireflies on the Frozen Pond

Cast & Crew:

Written by:
Kurt C Krause

Additional dialogue by Robin Mudge

Artwork by:
Heidi Lynn

Edited by:
Kacee Krause


Adult Falcon Haley/Narrator
Kacee Krause

Lt. Robert Haley
Matt Grammatico

Young Falcon Haley
Stephen Krause

Heidi Lynn

Robin Mudge

Windy Renee





Music and sound were purchased from https://www.audioblocks.com/

In Orbit

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Wayward Home:

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Waiting for You 02:

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Theyre Awake:

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Consequence of Loss:

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The Loss: Artist:

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