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A Very Deep Well Episode 2 Synopsis:

A Very Deep Well EPISODE 2: ORANGE MARMALADE AND THE BLUE CLAD TROGLODYTES PART 1 SYNOPSIS The stranger who happened along the night Audrey brought Mackenzie back home seemed to know more than he had led on. It was the hope that they could help one another get things back on track in their lives, but the girls were afraid that the stranger might be the notorious “Creature” who had killed too many Michiganders to count and that he would seriously impede on their plans. But who is Lewis? Where did he really come from? And what does it all have to do with an antique clock that belonged to Audrey’s mom and the strange storm brewing in Lake Avalon? The mystery continues!

To catch up on what you might have missed, take a listen to the first episode of A Very Deep Well by simply clicking on the following link : https://lakeavalonentertainment.com/2018/07/18/a-very-deep-well-episode-1-stranger-than-fiction/

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EPISODE 2: Orange Marmalade and the Blue Clad

Troglodytes Part One



Written by:
Robin Mudge and Kacee Krause

Artwork by:
Heidi Lynn

Edited by:
Kacee Krause


“My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose” 
,originally published by Robert Burns


In Orbit Artist: Patrick Smith,

Publisher: Electric Philharmonic


Bats 90

Artist:Luke Neumann


Bad Dreams o1, Artist: CeiriTorjussen,

Publisher: Soundscape Media


Music and sound are bought from https://www.audioblocks.com/



Heidi Lynn

Robin Mudge

Kacee Krause

Supporting CAST

Trevor (Newscaster)
Matt Grammatico

Officer Harvey
Robin Mudge

Officer Schwartz
David Mudge

Officers Bailey and Murray
Kacee Krause



Hangry Dave Commercial

Heidi Lynn

Stephen Krause

Hangry Dave
David Mudge

Theme Song
Robin Mudge

Monster Truck Commercial

Monster Truck Rally Announcer
Kacee Krause

Night Night with Johnnie Gates

Johnnie Gates
Kacee Krause

Janis Gauthier
Robin Mudge

Halloween Costume Commerial

Kacee Krause

Special News Report with Trevor (Newscaster)

Casey Dawson
Windy Renee

T.C. (Guy on the Street)
Kacee Krause