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Nightshade Episode 3: Jack in the Box Synopsis

There was blood everywhere. Shots were fired. That was the last thing that Jack could say he knew was true. Now, he keeps going in and out of consciousness. Every time he wakes up, he finds himself jumping back and forth between realities.

In one reality, he is trapped in a small, square hospital-like room with a team of very strange, otherworldly doctors. The doctors seem to be determined to both “fix” him and torture him in strange sort of judgement on humanity. 

In a second reality, Jack finds himself in bed with his wife, Jacqueline, nursing him to health. Still, something doesn’t seem quite right. Everything about this place seems to be stuck in a time long ago. There is also a very unnerving cranking sound that only Jack appears to perceive. 

Can Jack recover from his ailment? Which reality is the true reality? Is there still another reality out there? Listen in to Nightshade Episode 3: Jack in the Box to find out! 



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Nightshade Episode 3 Jack in the Box Cast & Crew:

Written by:    Kacee Krause and Robin Mudge

Edited by:      Kacee Krause

Artwork by:   Heidi Lynn



Jack:                    Kacee Krause

Jacqueline:          Robin Mudge

Amelia:                Heidi Lynn

Lyndon:               Kacee Krause

Darwon:              Robin Mudge

Kellyen:               Heidi Lynn

Xavis:                  Kacee Krause