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The Strange Case of Reese Tulley Synopsis:

Reese Tulley was the guy that everyone knew would succeed in life. He had it all – a beautiful wife, two lovely children, talent, popularity, and an amazing work ethic. It surprised everyone in town when Reese chose to take over his family’s farm rather than move out to the city to pursue bigger options. The Tulley family farm had not produced anything of value in ages. Even dandelions thought twice before growing in those fields!

Just when it seems that Reese and his wife, Sarah, have begun to make progress with the farm, tragedy finds its way into town. The usually quiet, rural town of Candy Run, Kentucky is terrified by the discovery of a corpse in the creek. Who could have brought this evil into town?

Not long after the body of the suspected murder is sent off to the big city for an autopsy, Reese Tulley goes missing. A few days later, he reappears at a dinner, beaten and bleeding, and telling tall tales about what had happened to him. This would be the first of many mysterious disappearances by Reese Tulley.

At the behest of Sarah Tulley, the Candy Run sheriff’s office brings in some helping hands from the nearby city. Lieutenant Debra Paxon and Chief Palmer Dennison are assigned to the strange case of Reese Tulley.  Is his disappearance linked to the body found in the creek? Is this a mental illness rearing its ugly head? Does the Tulley farm hold more secrets than anyone has ever known?

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The Strange Case of Reese Tulley Cast & Crew:


Written by:    Kacee Krause and Robin Mudge

Edited by:      Kacee Krause

Artwork by:   Heidi Lynn


Lt. Debra Paxon:                    Robin Mudge

Chief Palmer Dennison:         Kacee Krause

Sarah Tulley:                          Heidi Lynn

Robbie Tulley:                       Connor Krause

Reese Tulley:                         Matt Grammatico

Ronald Morse:                      Kacee Krause

Sheriff Conrad:                     Kacee Krause

Anonymous Caller:               Kacee Krause

Theresa Tulley:                     Madison Lafata