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Mamma’s Little Dolly Synopsis:

The aloe plants may not be the only casualty of this year’s early fall frost. Mamma had planned everything down to the jot and tittle. Despite the loss of her husband years ago, she and her little family would be the very portrait of perfection. She had her idyllic little house with a white picket fence on a long, quiet country road and two beautiful children, Brian and Dolly. Her prosperous dollmaking business allowed her to nurse Brian through childhood illness and homeschool both of her children herself.

Dolly lacked for nothing under Mamma’s roof. She was the perfect southern bell – beautiful frilly dresses, not a hair out of place, and just enough makeup to accentuate her timeless feminine features. Her brother, Brian, doted on her. Mamma’s little Dolly had everything that Mamma never had. Unfortunately for the picturesque southern family, a decades-old rift has all but destroyed their cozy urban homestead. New complications have forced Mamma to swallow her pride and call on Brian for help. Will the water pipes be all that breaks when unexpectedly cold winds blow into Mamma’s perfect little world–a world she has set up for herself and Dolly? And will she and Brian be able to let bygones be bygones to salvage that little world, or are too many skeletons in their closets to allow for reconciliation?

Momma’s Little Dolly is the first episode in Lake Avalon Entertainment’s anthology podcast, Nightshade. The original short stories featured on Nightshade will include works of science fiction, fantasy, suspense, and more. Want more audio drama from Lake Avalon Entertainment? Check out our humorous science fiction podcast series, A Very Deep Well.

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Mamma’s Little Dolly Cast & Crew:

Written by:      Kurt C. Krause

Artwork by:     Heidi Lynn

Edited by:        Kacee Krause


Dolly:            Robin Mudge

Mamma:       Heidi Lynn

Brian:            Kacee Krause

Plumber:       Kacee Krause